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POF Cable
[Signal cable]
POF Cable

Plastic Optical Fiber Digital Cable

Material of Core : Polymethl Methacrylate (PMMA); Made in Japan (Toray) Corp.

Color Orange

Jacket:  two type, A type diameter 2.20±0.07mm(PE, Color Orange)

                           B type diameter 4.0±0.15mm(High Flexible RoHS-PVC, Color Orange)

Connector Type: A. Toslink to Toslink

                         B. Toslink to 3.5mm Mini Plug

                         C. 3.5mm Mini Plug to 3.5mm Mini Plug

Transmission Loss: p=660nm; <-17 dBm/ 1 Meter

Available Length : 0.5~50 Meter (-0/+5 cm)

Connector Mating Force 39.2N (4Kgf)

Un-Mating Force 29.4N (3Kgf)

Allowable Bending Radius Min. 25mm